My History

I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life. I was born in the Arizona East Valley and raised by good-hearted working class parents. My dad is one of my best friends and supporters. We lost my mom to cancer in 2002, but I think she would be proud of how close and strong our family has remained. I graduated from Dobson High in ‘97 and went to Mesa Community College, working toward a career in the tech industry. I wanted the kind of job where I could support myself and a family, but also contribute to the quality of life in Arizona by developing technology-based solutions to the problems our state faces.

My Challenge

A month before my 27th birthday, I was hospitalized for a rare illness that nearly killed me. I didn’t have health coverage. I survived organ failure and amputations. While my medical team fought to keep me alive, my vision started fading. On a Monday I told the doctor that things were starting to look dim, and by Friday I never saw again. I ended up on dialysis and even spent time in hospice. I would not be alive today without all the people who invested in me. You invested in me through your contributions to government programs like Medicaid, Social Security Disability and Nutrition Assistance. My dad invested in me and became my caregiver. And someone I never met gave me a new chance at a healthy life through organ donation. After all of that generosity and support, it's time for me to start giving back.

My Campaign

Last February I received a new kidney, and from my hospital bed in Phoenix I signed the paperwork to run for the US Congress in Arizona’s CD5. After my long struggle to get the health care I needed and the losses I experienced when I couldn’t get it, I knew I had an opportunity to start advocating for change. There is a damaging disparity between the decision-makers in Washington and the people who have to live with the decisions they make. We deserve representatives who know what it’s like to face hard times and what’s needed to overcome them. I can provide that representation. I have already overcome some tough odds, and I believe it’s time to overcome the conservative ideology that hurts the most vulnerable among us.



I have a vision for an America in which government is a Progressive instrument of the people used to empower all of us to live in safety and happiness. To succeed, we must ensure equality of opportunity for everyone. When anyone is denied full inclusion in social and civic life, it degrades our economy and takes a terrible toll on our communities. I support policies that safeguard equal treatment, protection and opportunity for everyone.


I have a vision for an America in which we approach governance with the best evidence we have available--not ideology, revelation or religion. Public policy decisions should be made rationally through an unbiased examination of facts, efficacy and outcomes. This gives us the best possible chance of steering the country toward the advancement of prosperity for all. We must thoughtfully avoid the unverified opinions and irrational prejudices in our lawmaking process that thwart our common pursuit of happiness.


I have a vision for an America in which elected officials commit themselves to a compassionate and empathetic government. This kind of the commitment keeps us connected to the needs of all people, above special interest or self interest, and allows us to collaborate in a way that elevates social and economic status universally. Compassionate governance takes us beyond disconnected, paternalistic lawmaking and instead equips us to make real improvements to the wellbeing and happiness of everyone.


I have a vision for an America in which we purposefully forge our history rather than being pushed by it. We need to encourage community-initiated policy ideas that address unmet needs in the cities, states, towns and neighborhoods where they exist. We must overcome our resistance to change and remain receptive to social, scientific, entrepreneurial and governmental solutions that may challenge the status quo. Adopting a preferential option for innovation means we will be able to put the very best ideas to the service of the very best quality of life for all.


I have a vision for an America in which our communities, businesses, economy and resource chains are invested in sustainability. We can grow our economy in smart, intentional ways while at the same time reducing our environmental impact and minimizing unintended consequences at all levels of society. Our creative attentiveness to sustainability will provide us with the opportunity to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.


Civic Engagement

There is an urgent need to address the barriers that limit participation in the democratic process. I support expansion of the Americans with Disabilities Act, an end to punitive disenfranchisement for citizens who have committed a crime, and the removal of photo ID voting requirements.

Health Care

We must continue transitioning toward a system where everyone is completely covered and has access to comprehensive healthcare. It is time for single-payer universal healthcare coverage.

Higher Education Access

We need to take immediate action to guarantee no student is ever excluded from high-quality higher education because of finances and no graduate is crippled by student loan debt.


Immigration policy must reflect the reality that we live in a culture dependent on the work and worth of immigrants and their families. I support an immediate end to the criminalization of immigration. Deportations for minor crimes must be brought to a full stop.

Living Wage

Government has a moral responsibility and a compelling interest to ensure workers do not fall into the trap of poverty. I support a federal living wage and an end to the exemption allowing workers with disabilities to be paid a subminimum wage.

Marriage Equality

The right to state-issued civil marriage contracts must be equal for all consenting adults with legal standing.

Net Neutrality

Government must ensure that information delivery on the internet remains fair and impartial. Corporate control of high-speed information over the internet should be prohibited.


Rape causes unique harm in its intimate violation of bodily autonomy and its overall threat to the right to feel safe in our communities. Tragically, our cultural messages tying sexuality to shame often re-injure survivors. Because of this, I support explicitly promoting anti-rape positions and policies.

Reproductive Justice

Government must continue to protect and expand reproductive healthcare as a basic human right. This includes contraception and abortion coverage.

Science Education

Science education is one of the most significant moral issues of our time. Education policy must be employed as a means to empower the coming generations with scientific literacy.

Second Amendment

Public safety initiatives including training and licensing for gun owners are necessary to move toward the free, safe society envisioned in our Bill of Rights.

Secular Government

Maintaining and expanding protections between government and religion is an unequivocally necessary condition of a free and equal society.

Tax Reform

I favor a progressive tax structure that facilitates economic prosperity and empowers working families rather than corporate interests.

Veterans' Issues

Congress must provide for the highest quality support to veterans and must honor all legal and moral commitments made to military servicemembers.